She’s behind you!

Annie’s Pantomime Evening.

Something a little different and not to be missed. Guaranteed to get you in the Christmas Spirit!

Meeting Agenda

The evening will be split into 2 segments (just like a normal evening):-

> 7.30pm – Start of 1st Half

The 1st Half of the Meeting is Structured into 3 Teams – each team  performing their own chosen format for 5 to 10 minutes per team.

Our Teams are lead by…

>Annie M

>Duncan B

>John T

> 8.10pm – Break

> 8.30pm – 2nd Half

The 2nd Half of the Meeting is Impromptu Table Topics (to 1-3 members at a time) – however the format here is to be determined by members in advance & on the evening (your help is requested here).

> 9.20pm – General Evaluator & President