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There was a strange energy about the room as the members of Abingdon Speakers took their seats. It was either a failed light bulb or the unexpected position in which John M. & Annie found themselves.

Despite the slightly late arrival of our Toastmaster of the Evening, Denise, the members demonstrated their infamous unflappable flexibility & pulled the meeting together in the opening minutes.

We welcomed new member Merlyn (our 3rd new member of the year) & boasted an energetic quorum of 19 members on the night – just right. Stephen D. delivered a Tangerine Trees & Marmalade Sky inspired Table Topics session before members were treated to 4 speeches. I feel that the addition of the 4th speech into meetings (starting last year) really keeps the energy of our meetings turned-up – there is never a quiet moment.

Bryan N. deservedly won best speech on the night for his Black Cat speech which seemed to defy the normal rules of Speechcraft (thereby making evaluation difficult). Rather akin to watching What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, the audience appreciates the final product but can’t explain how the artist achieved what they did. As a club we were also treated to one of the best & most charming Ice Breaker speeches I have yet to see.  This was a passionate & expressive performance from our new member Merlyn and had Bryan not been present, Merlyn would surely have gone close for best speech.

John T., General Evaluator

You’ve missed this one, but you’re welcome to come along to the next one, just turn up on the evening and we’ll see you there!