Our next meetings are 5th and 19th February 2020

Please email us BEFORE WEDNESDAY to let us know you are coming.

Please explore our website for more info, BUT… You will only truly understand the club experience by coming along to a meeting…and we will love to have a chat with you .

When I Turn Up…
We Really Will Be Happy To Meet You
Coming to the club is the very first step in public speaking.  The way you arrive and are treated are important to all toastmasters. Abingdon Speakers is a a club that is open to all people over 18, and we want that first meeting to be as inclusive as possible. Learn below about what happens you turn up.
Arriving At Our Venue
We use a function room at The Kings Head which is opposite the pub entrance and up a flight of stairs.  When you arrive at the room you will be greeted by hospitality and the meeting sergeant at arms, a club member who is specifically tasked for guests.
At The Room
The sergeant at arms or another club member will talk to you about the club and the meeting before inviting you to take a seat. Feel free to chat to members and especially the committee if you have any questions. You will not be pressured to participate in anything you do not want to do.

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