What Can I Do?

We welcome guests as they are the next speaking generation and future of Abingdon Speakers. 

The club is free to visit and you can come back as many times as you like.  We encourage that because it gives better understanding.

Only members can give speeches and do roles, and guests are never excluded from taking part in a meeting.

Be helpful and kind
Learn Below About The Three Things You Can Do In A Meeting

  1. Guest Introduction During the meeting there is a section that introduces guests. It is the only time you will be asked to speak. You will be asked to give your name and why you came or a simple fun question. Try to think of this as your very first step in public speaking.
  2. Feedback to Speakers Bring a pen. You will find a feedback slip with the agenda on your seat. This is for the audience to give feedback to the prepared speakers and to vote. You are not obliged to give your thoughts about speeches although speakers do appreciate it.If you choose to give feedback remember to be kind and constructive as it is a demanding thing to be on stage. One thing they did really well and one thing they can improve.
  3. Table Topics The table topics section is the closest guests can get to public speaking without having to give a prepared speech. Table topics are 2 minute impromptu speeches given in response to a question asked by the table topics master. You will not know the question in advance; you will have to think on your feet. Tough but very very thrilling to do.If you want to take part please give your name to the table topics master when you arrive.
Time to visit

Keen to give it a go? Come and visit us…

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